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Faith in Practice

Kraybill Mennonite School is a member in good standing of the Mennonite Education Agency, an education agency of the Mennonite Church USA. As such, we affirm the following faith practice statements:

  1. In this school students know they are loved and valued by God which enables them to value and love each other.

  2. Peacebuilding, including the use of restorative discipline, is regularly modeled and practiced as a lifestyle of nonviolence, seeking justice and being part of a reconciling faith community.

  3. Our school values and is responsive to cultural, racial and socio-economic diversity.

  4. Our school provides a welcoming community where it is emotionally safe to raise questions, to value and learn from differences and to care for each other.

  5. The school enables students to practice global awareness, cultural sensitivity, anti-racism and compassionate living.

  6. Students grow in their understanding of stewardship of all God has entrusted to them, including the natural environment.

  7. Staff members in our school are committed to modeling the life of Jesus Christ.

  8. Students grow in understanding the process of biblical discernment by asking questions practicing spiritual disciplines, and engaging with other Christians.

  9. Students are encouraged to grow in relationship with Jesus and to follow Jesus daily in life through attitudes and practices.

  10. Our school does everything it can to eliminate the obstacles that exclude or hinder the ability of students to receive a faith-infused education of excellence.

  11. Stories and symbols of faith and reconciliation are regularly shared in our school community.

  12. Our school invites parents to become partners in the faith formation of their child.

  13. Our school is a community that lives the gospel message through praying, serving others, and enabling students to grow in understanding that they can make a positive difference in the world globally and locally.

  14. Our school builds a strong faith and learning community in which students and staff support each other.

  15. Our school enables students to live a life of curiosity, wonder and mystery as they join with God to bring the reign of God on earth as it is in heaven.


Mennonite Education Agency
June 30, 2015

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