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We do not intend to combine classes. It makes more sense to grow enrollment by reducing tuition and adding other incentives.

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I heard some class sizes are small. Will classes be combined?

Kraybill Site Council was originally formed as a liaison between the Kraybill principal and Kraybill parents. In recent weeks, it took on the important task of conveying the Kraybill community's voice to the LM Executive Board, ensuring that our school will continue to provide Christian education to our community. The committee is comprised of Melanie Rice, Rosalyn Gehman, Doug Lehman and Mark Kraenbring.

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What is the Kraybill Site Council?

As Kraybill prepares to transition back to being an independent organization, a formal organization is required. The Kraybill Transition Board is an initial temporary board formed by Kraybill Site Council to guide our school through this transition. Once the transition is complete, a patron-elected board will be installed. The Kraybill Transition Board is comprised of Mark Graybill, Patricia Hopper, Melanie Rice, Ross Patrick, Mark Kraenbring, Tricia Smoker, Sara Schaefer and Rosalyn Gehman.

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What is the Kraybill Transition Board?
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With the lower tuition rates, we are not able to provide the matching amounts. However, we welcome "church sponsors" to provide assistance to directly reduce specific students' tuition.

Will the church partnership program continue?

Financial aid is available. With lower tuition rates, there will be less overall financial aid needed, but additional assistance will be available for those who need it. Simple Tuition Solutions is processing our financial aid applications and determining need.

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With the new lower tuition rates, can I still get financial aid?
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